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    TikiLIVE empowers our customers to not only reduce their cable TV bills but earn a nice cash bonus by introducing TikiLIVE to others. Forever gone are those costly cable bills, and by using our refer a friend program you can […] Read more
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    For every viewer that you refer to TikiLIVE, you will receive 12% their subscription in CASH! Once a new affiliate orders our the TikiLIVE, you receive an email with the good news! There is only one requirement to earn cash […] Read more
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    In addition to recurring subscriptions for content, TikiLIVE also offers one-time purchases on Set Top Boxes where you receive an extra bonus. TikiLIVE handles all of the shipping logistics and the STB arrives at the customer’s door without any additional […] Read more
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    Take advantage of TikiLIVE’s social reach and join a winning viral marketing team. once we start our marketing campaigns you will ride along the viral wave and be part of our success story. There has never been such a grand […] Read more
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    TikiLIVE pays out up to 4 levels of commissions and bonuses. Let’s look at the potential for exponential growth within your group of friends, families, and their social network too. »  First friend group = 12% »  Second friend group = 8% […] Read more